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Homebrew Wind Power by Dan Bartmann and Dan Fink
Homebrew Wind Power book cover

Three years in the making, our new book "Homebrew Wind Power" has finally gone to press! It's available for immediate shipping from our Online Store. Advance reviews have been excellent. This book breaks new ground in the world of home-built wind power: After much detailed discussion of the physics behind extracting power from the wind, the authors give step-by-step instructions for building a 10-foot diameter wind turbine in the home workshop. Our 7-foot and 17-foot diameter machines are also covered in detail. Extensive chapters about towers, failures and prevention, troubleshooting and maintenance, and designing your own turbine are also included, along with extensive appendices. 320 pages, soft cover, 8 x 10 inches, 395 illustrations, ISBN 978-0-9819201-0-8; Published by Buckville Publications LLC, Masonville, CO

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Magnet Science Experiments

Check out a variety of very cool science experiments using magnets! Levitation, superconductors, ferrofluid, diamagnetism, Halbach arrays, how to view a magnetic field, and much more!

Magnet Science FAQs

What exactly IS that force you feel with a magnet, anyway? Concise explanations of magnetic fields and field lines, how magnets are made, magnet formulations and their properties, how to measure them, and more!

Magnet Uses and Demo Images

See the incredible variety of uses that our customers have put our magnets to, and submit your own magnet usage ideas! And check out a whole bunch of cool demonstration images showing magnets in many configurations.

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We carry hundreds of magnets in many sizes and shapes, great deals on magnet wire, plus a variety of new and antique experimental science books, magnet science tools, supplies, and test equipment, and hard-to-find components for the Renewable Energy enthusiast.

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Extremely active discussion board used by magnet, weird science and renewable energy enthusiasts worldwide! A great place to ask questions, and always entertaining reading. Be sure to check out the incredible wind turbines being built using our magnets and wire! No charge to join.

Otherpower.com - our Renewable Energy Sister Site

Free information, photos, and details about how to make your own electricity from junk and from scratch! Solar, wind, hydro, fossil fuel, bio-fuel, human, and animal power ideas. Disconnect from the grid -- we are! The cutting edge of low technology.

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